About Us

Ian Carpenter


Ian is Geoff's very competitive cousin, and he can do everything just a little bit better.  Whereas Geoff's first car was a metallic purple 1959 Nash Metropolitan that he could not get started (ever), Ian's was an MGA that he rebuilt with his own two hands.  Whereas Geoff has had almost four dozen vehicles to his name, Ian has had almost four hundred; including Lolas, Lotuses, Ferraris and just one awful Porsche..a 1968 911L sportomatic!  His collection currently includes a rip-ass 1969 Lotus Elan S4 with flares & chairs like a 26R, one of three championship winning 1971 Datsun BRE 510s (yes, a real one) and a gorgeous Bultaco Alpina.  Google it. As much as Geoff sucks at racing, Ian excels....that's why he went to Daytona with Bob Akin in the Coca-Cola 935 Porsche, won the Reading Hillclimb, won The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix, and set innumerate track records from Watkins Glen to Summit Point and VIR.  He was forced to quit the Targa Newfoundland while running in first place in the Pro category, because his navigator didn't bring enough underwear.  Ian has been teaching racing and riding since before Geoff was born.         

Geoff Archer


Car-obsessed since birth, Geoff volunteered as a mechanic on the 1997 Panama-Alaska Rally, only to watch his driver die on the side of the road in Costa Rica (and later find out that he was probably an arms dealer)! Then he dropped thousands on a Skip Barber class at Laguna Seca that totally confirmed he has no talent - even in a class of corpulent tycoons and uncoordinated teenagers. Currently he is really pissed off at the appreciation others are enjoying on the many cars he had to sell a few years back, especially the Lotus Cortina Mk.I, Mercedes 190SL and a whole pile of Porsches; 356s, long hood 911E, mid-year 911, 912, 964, 993, etc. More to the point, Geoff was the Automotive Category Manager for the now defunct Yahoo! Auctions, wrote for Keith Martin's Sports Car Market for seven years, and General Sales Manager at Cars Dawydiak (where he once sold a very used car to the curmudgeonly economist Milton Friedman). Geoff had the idea for BidBet while attending Goodwood Festival of Speed...which was so cool that it has now ruined all static car shows for him forever.